Born and raised in Chapleau Ontario, married life and career in Elliot Lake, I am now in Carling Township, near Parry Sound. My husband and I retired here in God’s country, so what could I be, but inspired?


Painting is something I have always wanted to do: - I admired the work of my best friend Anne Marie Crosby, who inspired me to paint. When we finally retired here in Nobel, I took art lessons from Carol Cascanette, attended workshops from well-known local artists  Jack Reck and Joe Gardisch ; more far afield, from Donna Baspally (Vernon,) Jean  Pederson, (Calgary) and Arlie Hoffman (North Bay); and then just wandered around in the art wilderness.


My subjects vary greatly, with one thing in common: I paint things I love, from my heart.  When it comes right down to the bottom line, that is all that matters.  I have done commissions with success because I could connect with the subject.  If what I paint speaks to you, I am both thrilled and honoured.


Many of my works are reproduced in prints, so what I show on this website is only what is currently available as either original or print.


Thank-you for your interest and for stopping by!