My parents were artists, so I was inspired and encouraged to draw and paint at an early age. 


My goal now in painting is to simplify the subject at hand.  This is why I enjoy the challenge of working en plein air.  Dealing with the elements, the constantly changing light and shadows, the shifting of clouds and water, forces you to work quickly, to get to the essence of what inspired you in the first place.


Working from the human form or from a landscape - whether by drawing or painting, in a studio or on location - evoking mood and movement is my intent, to bring life to my work.


My art training and experience includes work in the graphics field as a designer and illustrator.  I have painted wall murals, house portraits, and illustrations for a children’s book.  Today I continue to be involved in art organizations, exhibitions and art instruction.


Jane Jones 228 Dillon Road, Nobel, Ontario 705 342 9158


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